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Kingsley Plaza Los Angeles, CA Community Exterior


Community Amenities

  • Availability 24 Hours
  • Controlled Access/Gated
  • Courtyard
  • Covered Parking
  • Elevator
  • Garage
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Night Patrol
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • On-Site Management
  • Package Receiving
  • Pool
  • Public Transportation
  • Spa/Hot Tub

Apartment Amenities

  • Air Conditioner
  • Cable Ready
  • Carpeting
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Dishwasher
  • Disposal
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Fireplace
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Window Coverings

Pet Policy

  1. Increase in Security Deposit: Your Security Deposit increases by $250 for each cat in your Residence.  This amount is required to be paid on or before the date your pet moves into your Residence.
  1. Increase in Security Deposit:  Your Security Deposit increases by $250 for each dog in your Residence.  This amount is required to be paid on or before the date your pet moves into your Residence.
  1. Number of Pets:  The maximum number of pets you are permitted is two (2).
  1. Weight Restrictions:  Maximum adult weight allowable is thirty-five (35) pounds.
You may not have any pets at the Residence or on the Property without our prior written consent, which we may withhold in our sole discretion. This prohibition applies to all pets, including “visiting” pets. We grant you permission to keep any pets listed in the Variable Lease Term section as an “Authorized Pet.” If any pets are authorized you agree to follow the following rules for your pet(s):
    • Pets may not cause any disturbance that might reasonably annoy neighbors including making noise, creating odors, or leaving waste on the Property.
    • Any damage caused by a pet will be your responsibility and you will be charged to repair it. This includes (but is not limited to) window coverings, carpet cleaning or replacement, damage to walls, flooring, screens and common area landscape.
    • Pick up after your pet(s) and properly dispose of all waste. Kitty litter must be placed in a bag before placing it in the trash.
    • Use a stain and odor-removing product with enzymes (such as Nature’s Miracle®) as necessary, and maintain the Residence in a sanitary, odor-free condition. You can determine where the stain and odor-removing product with enzymes must be used by viewing the Residence with a black light.
    • If your pet is a cat, keep a scratching post.
    • Pets must be licensed and vaccinated in accordance with local laws. You must provide proof if we request it.
    • Comply with all local laws and regulations relating to the pets.
    • Take action to avoid pest infestations (fleas, etc.) in the Residence and Property.
    • You must confine your pet if we or our Related Parties need access to the Residence.
    • Pets must remain inside the Residence unless they are under direct control of a responsible person at all times. Dogs must be on a leash when outside of the Residence. You agree to defend, indemnify and save us and Landlord’s Related Parties harmless from all loss, claim, damage or liability relating to your pets.
    • You represent to us that the pet is housebroken, has no vicious tendencies or history of threatening or causing harm to persons by biting, scratching, chewing or otherwise.
    • Pets are not allowed in pool area, business office or laundry room. Pets may not be bathed or groomed in the laundry room sinks, pools, or pool area.
    • Permission to have a pet may be revoked at any time with three days’ notice for cause, or with thirty days’ notice without cause. You will be asked to remove any pet that bothers others or constitutes a problem (potential or actual) to neighbors or others, as determined in our sole discretion. If you fail to remove your pet after being requested to do so, this will be a material breach of the Agreement, allowing us to terminate your tenancy.

Service animals are not considered to be pets.